How to choose the “best” electric hoist for you?

Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment that is extremely versatile in the industry. Many customers know what they need is an electric hoist, but they often don’t know what they need and how big they are, so the final tonnage they buy is not suitable or the type is not right. How to choose a suitable electric hoist is particularly important for buyers. The first point is to know your own requirements, such as:
1. Use place: This must be clearly known first, because the electric hoist used in some special places will also be different. If the position is high enough, is it an ultra-low electric hoist? Does it contain flammable and explosive materials? Do you want an explosion-proof electric hoist, etc.?

2. Lifting capacity, tonnage is very important.

3. Lifting height, how high should be hoisted.

4. Running trolley: If you want to walk left and right, you need to include the running trolley; or as long as it is fixed in one place for loading and unloading, the running trolley is not necessary.

5. Lifting speed: regular speed and slow speed are available. The double-speed hoist combines regular speed and slow speed at the same time. The lifting speeds of various models are different, so I will not list them one by one.

6. Electric voltage: divided into three-phase 380V, and single-phase 220V, 220V electric hoist is generally a miniature hoist under 1 ton.

The second point is to choose the type of electric hoist

Electric hoists are divided into two categories: wire rope electric hoists and electric chain hoists. According to the choice of electric hoist in different places, in some specific places, the structure cannot be changed; or the workplace contains special necessary production materials; therefore, it is only possible to meet the actual work needs in the later equipment purchase and installation. Therefore, the selection of electric hoist must be considered.

Post time: Nov-04-2021