HSZ-CK type manual chain hoist

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CK chain hoist is improved on the basis of CB chain hoist, the appearance is slightly different, making it more flexibleto use. And to improve the accessories, not only are the parts more durable, but also reduce the cost, making theprice of CK chain hoist more competitive than CB chain hoist.

Technical Advantages
1. Use high-strength chain. The chain after special heat treatment is much stronger than ordinary chain.
2. Safety brake structure with double pawls. If one of the pawls fails in time, the other can maintain the normal and safe operation of the equipment.
3. The shape of the hook is convenient for operation. The widened opening hook makes it easier to operate.
4. Firm structure.The sturdy gearbox,four long shafts and four support rods reinforce the frame, which can well protect internal part such as gears from damage, and have a significant anti-fall effect.
5. There are protrusions on both sides of the sprocket, which can prevent the misplacement of the hand zipper.
6. The friction plate that wipes the oil has a longer life.
7. There are sealed bearings in the lifting sprocket groove8. The big plate has the function of preventing the loss of control when lifting the goods.

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