The difference between wire rope hoist and chain hoist

Today we will discuss the difference between wire rope hoist and chain hoist.
1. Different sizes
The winding device of the chain hoist is a chain, the rotation of the sprocket is the key to lifting, and the winding direction of the chain on the sprocket can be set at will, the flexibility is high, the structure is reasonable, so the volume is small, and the wire rope hoist , The winding device is a wire rope, and the lifting is rotated by the reel. To reach the maximum height, the wire rope needs to be wound on the reel at least 3 times. This causes the length of the reel to increase, the height increases, and the length of the reel increases the volume of the equipment. Therefore, the wire rope hoist of the same specification is several times or even ten times that of the chain hoist mentioned.
2. Different lifting heights
The wire rope hoist lifts the weight by the elastic deformation of the wire rope on the winding drum. The smaller the diameter of the drum, the greater the variable of the wire rope type, because one side bears the pressure and the other side bears the tension. In order to make these two The force does not exceed the regulations, and the diameter of the reel needs to be increased. The chain hoist is hinged on the chain link, and the chain mainly bears the tensile force. In order to reduce the squeezing strength of the contact surface between the chain links and between the chain link and the sprocket socket, the sprocket is made into a nest shape. It can be seen that, for these two equipment of the same specification, the diameter of the former is larger than the diameter of the sprocket of the latter, so the lifting height of the former is smaller than the latter for tracks of the same height.
3. Different running distance
The axis of the wire rope hoist is parallel to the centerline of the track of its trolley, and the centerline of the chain hoist and the track can be installed at 90 degrees, so under the same conditions and track length, the latter has a longer operating distance.
4. Modifications are different
Wire rope hoists have different lifting heights and different models, so the ones with lower lifting heights cannot be changed to higher ones. On the contrary, although they can be modified, the drum of the electric hoist will be idle, causing waste . The model of the chain hoist has nothing to do with the lifting height, it is only related to the length of the chain. If you want to modify it, you only need to change the chain.

Post time: Nov-04-2021