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Digital crane scale with remote control  


Protection class IP54

Minimum order quantity : $2000

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OCS crane scale has capacity from 2000kg (2 ton) / 3000kg (3 ton) / 5000kg (5 ton) / 10000kg (10 ton) to 20000kg (20 ton), accuracy standartd OIML class III, can be used for process weighing and trade weighing under crane or lifting equipment. Crane scale with one-piece load cell and cast aluminium housing has protection class IP54. Digital crane scale has optional weighing units kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) on panel. The continuous operation time of rechargeable battry is 50 hours at least.


Crane scale with special one-piece load cell has higher security.

Digital crane scale doesn’t occupy the space and can realize effective monitoring and control.

It makes the metering work in the process of lifting, loading and unloading and carry out continuously, saving manpower, time and cost.

The operation and calibration of crane scale is simple.

OCS crane scale has multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost.

Customizable monitoring mode: RS232 interface for long distance monitoring, wireless large screen and wireless indicator.

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